21 Apr 5 Reasons I Bought the Fujifilm X-T20

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TThe Fujifilm X-T20 may very well be my perfect camera. After coming to terms that I could not justify the expense of an X-T2, and after being tempted to buy a used X-Pro2 but holding off, a posting for a used X-T20 popped up on Craigslist. Hmmm…even though I had always set my sights to Fuji’s top of the line offerings, nonetheless I obsessively poured through the X-T20 reviews and YouTube videos. Something became apparent; I am now a mid-range kinda guy.

Fujifilm X-T20

The X-T20 Craigslist Guy lived in Boston. I had to drive my daughter back to her college in Boston. It was meant to be. In the single most efficient use of a drive into Boston, I deposited my daughter and drove home with a camera.

Here are the five reasons I bought this camera:

1. Flippy Screen

My first Fuji was an X-E1 because I felt a certain affinity with the rangefinder style of body. I later bought a used X-T1 and was amazed by the big EVF. Recently I bought a used X-Pro1 because I missed the rangefinder style, but I also found that with the X-Pro1 that I missed the articulated LCD. Even after decades of photography I never became comfortable holding the camera to my face, feeling self conscious. The X-T20’s articulated and touch screen LCD appeals to me as my preferred way of shooting is to hold the camera at waist level, looking down on the LCD flipped to a 90 degree angle. Set the camera to use electronic shutter and now I am very much in my photographic comfort zone with no camera at my face, visible and no shutter sound, audible….

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