24 Nov 5 Reasons I Bought a Fujifilm X-Pro2

Source: Michael St. Jean Photography

For a year and a half I’ve been semi-interested in the Fujifilm X-Pro2. I’d watch Fujifilm’s promotional YouTube videos of photogs moving in slow motion, X-Pro2 in hand, ambient music playing in the background as the voice-over proclaims the X-Pro2 as the instrument connecting personal vision to the infinite…or something equally pretentious. I’d dream my Fuji dreams but in the end the spell would break and I would realize that owning an X-Pro2 wasn’t a necessity.

That is, until a Saturday Instameet and suddenly I had reasons to get an X-Pro2:

1. Reverse peer pressureI received an invitation to join a group of very talented Rhode Island and Connecticut Instagram photographers and photo enthusiasts at the Johnathan Edwards Winery near the Connecticut/Rhode Island border. I brought with me my standard Fujifilm X-T1 w/ XF14mm and X-T20 with XF35mm f/1.4 landscape and general purpose kit.

After I arrived at the winery it became evident what a freak photog I was. Most of the photogs had their black photo backpacks with tripods strapped to the side, while I carried my gear in a small Domke F802 waxwear satchel. Of the 20 photogs, I was the only one shooting Fuji, or even mirrorless for that matter, while everyone else sported their Canons and Nikons. On all those Canons and Nikons were mounted impressive looking F2.8 zoom lenses, while I used only small primes.

These little gear observations had a strange effect on me. I did not feel gear envy, in fact I wanted to further separate myself

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