19 Apr 5 Quick Tips To Help You Get Into Street Photography

Source: Joe Jongue

OK so you’ve been thinking about doing some Street Photography but never got round to it, I don’t blame ya as it is not a genre typically embarrassed by many especially if you’re only just getting into Photography. Hopefully, these 5 quick tips will help you in your transition or if you’re already an aspiring Street Photographer these will help improve your game while out on the streets.

There’s no doubt that you would have read your fair share of blogs and articles on how to approach Street Photography so I’m not going to repeat them here but instead, share some with you the things that helped me overcome the many obstacles that one faces in this genre of photography. 

1. Warm up

No I’m not referring to the type you do before a running a marathon, the warm up I’m referring to is the type that builds your confidence before you start approaching strangers and asking to take their portrait. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner we all get nervous at some stage and it is important to shake off those nerves otherwise it’ll be reflected in your tone and body language. Typically what I do first before I even pull out my camera from my bag is to approach 5 strangers and just strike up a conversation, it could someone as simple as asking for directions to a certain location. This teaches you how to approach and engage a stranger and builds your confidence to approach

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