18 Dec 5 pieces of gear I carry in my photo bag

Source: Sebastian Boatca

In one of my previous articles, I wanted to write about the content of the photo bag, but in fact, this is a continuously changing configuration. We carry what we have, what we need (or might need) and what we use, according to our style and needs in photography.

For obvious reasons we will skip the “camera and lenses” and we’ll focus on some accessories and other stuff that might be useful when traveling with your photo bag.

Remote Control

When I need to do long exposure shots, or landscape photography, or some shots in low light conditions, the remote control works perfectly hand in hand with the tripod. Of course, the lack of a tripod can be dealt with by using some other techniques. As long as the camera is perfectly steady and there is no need to touch it, the remote control (it can be wireless, or by wire) is very useful when you have longer exposure times. Also, the lack of a remote shutter controller can be solved by using the camera in Timer Mode (2, 10 seconds), but I find it more comfortable to have the remote control, instead of changing the Timer function all the time.

Spare Batteries

You don’t know how long you could be out there and it is always better to be well prepared. The only thing I miss from my DSLR, since I’ve made the switch to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras, (4 – 5 years ago) is the great autonomy of their batteries. I had…