30 Jan 5 Candid Street Photography Tips

Source: LightTraveler

These are the 5 tips from my latest YouTube channel 5 TOP TIPS

Tip Number 1

Buy and use a rangefinder camera like the X100F or the XPro2 just depends if you want a  interchangeable lens camera or not. I love my X100F for ease of use and portability. But the XPro2 with the 16mm lens makes for an amazing combo.

Tip no 2

Make sure you go out with an idea or a theme ! It could be as simple as Red,Yellow,Blue or you could have so many other reflections, light and shade high, low the list is endless. But don’t just going out without a plan or you will come home disappointed.

Tip No 3

In mixed lighting conditions like we have in the UK unless you are trying to be creative shoot on Auto ISO as its just one less thing to worry about. I set mine in the Menu to Auto Iso 1 Base 200 Max 6400 Shutter speed 250 Sec.

Tip No 4

Move the focus point from the middle of the frame to the upper third when you are shooting people up close as this will put the focus point over their face and not in the middle of the frame and if you are shooting wide open this will give you a better chance of getting the head and face sharp.

Tip 5

Remember the 5 golden rules of a great Street

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