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When Fujifilm Middle East asked me to test the new Fujifilm X-S10, I was eager to do so. Although I was a little skeptical at the start, I must say that I did really enjoy using it!

What is below is NOT a full review of the camera but rather a summary of some pros and cons which will hopefully help you see if this is the right camera for you!  

With the X-S10, Fujifilm started a new line of cameras which at first sight is like a mini X-H1. Some people have seen it as the replacement for the X-T30 which I personally do not consider it as such…

Like its older and larger bother, it has a much more pronounced grip and has IBIS (In body Image Stabilization). Let’s look at a few points which stood out to me when using the camera for over 3000 images, shot in a 3 month period. 


When it comes to ergonomics this camera is one of the better small cameras I’ve used to date. The grip of the X-S10, especially for such a small camera, is very pronounced and deep. Given the body is not very tall, your pinky will likely fall below the bottom of the camera which is no big deal. 

Even when using larger glass like the XF50-140, your knuckles will not touch the lens barrel. One exception is when shooting the XF50-140 lens with the lens foot flipped to the top

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