07 Sep 23mm vs 23mm vs 23mm. Plus X-E3.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

  When I first saw X-E1; i didn’t like it especially when its place beside the X-pro1. It’s the design of the camera that didn’t stir my emotions. Through the years with X-E2 and the X-E2s; I think my encounter with these cameras is less than 10 minutes all together! There are even rumors that Fujifilm might axe the X-E line altogether; which I am not surprise. Now you know I am not a fan. Having said all that; X-E fans out there; I think Fujifilm may have made the ultimate X-E camera! So what is new with X-E3. If you like the form of X70 for its street photography capability and have always wish somehow it has interchangeable lens feature, X-E3 may be your answer. Or you could say that X-E3 is a less handsome baby brother of X-Pro2.

I feel in order to fan more fans like myself into the world of X-E3, here are my wish list. Give me a tilt screen! This will make it the most desirable interchangeable street camera in the X-series line-up. having said that here is what’s is new on X-E3.   1. Its has Bluetooth! First ever for a X Series model to feature Bluetooth low energy  wireless communication. You can now paired with your iPhone and iPad. Yes, finally. 2. 4K video.  Yes you heard it; plus its able to shoot in any of the famous X-series film simulation mode. One could also output recorded

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