25 Aug 23 and 2 – A small look at the Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2 WR

Source: Jonas Rask

One of my favourite songs is  “Forty Six and 2” by Tool. – Divide 46 by and you get? Yeah. You get it. – I have been waiting for this lens for so so long. As in a really long time.

It’s no secret that my go-to camera as of late is the X-Pro2. But prior to this, it was always the X100 series. It’s what started it all for me. The X-Pro2 with the 35mm f/2 is behaving like the X100t in so many ways for. Small, silent, OVF. – Of course by now the X-Pro2 as a camera body is way superior to the X100T in so many ways. – But there was always something missing.

That 23! That small inconspicuous lens with the f/2 moniker. Yes, I know there’s the completely awesome XF 23mm f/1.4 with bokeh that is out of this world, and color rendering much like the old 35mm f/1.4. But it is simply too big for me when I do street photography. I shouldn’t matter much, cause the system is small as is, but it does to me.

But now they finally did it. Fujifilm decided to make a “babybrother” to the exceptionally great 35mm f/2. And they made the XF23mm f/2 WR.

Now. I got my sample 4 days ago! I had to do packshots of it for Tokyo, keep curing patients, take care of my children, and on top of that I had to remember to eat and sleep! 😛 So this is NOT

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