31 Dec 2020 in review: the biggest photo news stories of the year

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A year in review: the biggest stories of 2020 (in our world)

I’ve spent the past two or so weeks attempting to construct a sentence that accurately summarizes the year 2020. While I have a few scattered about in my journal, none of my prose comes close to more aptly encapsulating 2020 than this quote from Clarke Smith, age 9, from Beverly Hills, Michigan:

‘[It’s] like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by a submarine.’

Such wisdom from one so young.

In this gallery, we’re revisiting some of the stand-out news stories of this wildest of years, selected by the editorial team here at DPReview. Browse through the collection, see which of our selections stand out to you and share any we may have missed in the comments below.

March: DPReview starts working from home

With DPReview’s home state of Washington being an early hotspot for COVID-19, our entire editorial team left the office in March, to work from home (where we will likely remain until at least spring). While Michigan-based news editor Gannon (that’s the ‘me’ in the ‘we’ of this article) is familiar with the work-from-home life, it’s been an interesting transition for the rest of the team.

But despite the challenges of virtual meetings, virtual product briefings, virtual happy hours and all the rest, we’ve continued to publish content throughout the year. If you haven’t noticed the difference, that must mean we’ve done an OK

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