23 Dec 2018 | Reflections of a Photographic Year

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography


It is December 23rd as I post this, Christmas now only two days away.  Somehow it managed to sneak up on me again, the year end rush of activity suddenly coming to an end as we prepare to spend time with family and friends.   I watched my daughter’s final elementary school Christmas concert this week, the usual joy a parent feels while watching their child perform mixed with a touch of melancholy this time.  My daughter is 12 now, off to high school next year, so this really is the end of an era for our family.  Life is full of these transitions though, isn’t it?  Change is life’s true constant; we can try to resist it, we can choose to embrace it, but rarely can we stop it.

For me, 2018 was a year of successes and failures, of reflection and growth.  I started the new year full of excitement, as detailed in a post I wrote called 2018:  From Transition to Realization.  I vividly remember one morning in January, just a few weeks into the new year, when I was shooting in San Francisco.  The light was amazing, I was nailing my photos, my workshops were filling up and I was overwhelmed by a sense of joy and gratitude.  It was…

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