23 Jan 2017 Sporting Challenges: At The Races

Source: Maclean Photographic

No8 Sophie Olivia jumps the last but one fence from home
Fujifilm X-T2 + XF100-400mm f4.5/5.6 – 1/500 @ f5.6 ISO2000 (zoom 211mm)New Year Resolutions, we all have made them – get fit, lose weight, no alcohol for a month – but, like many others, I usually fall off that particular wagon quite quickly, usually in the first month.  Well I decided in 2017 to set myself a challenge that I wouldn’t fail at so easily.

My challenge is to shoot sports that I haven’t done before but also to shoot as a spectator and not on a media pass.  This is hard for me as for the past 25 years I have shot various sports, but mainly motor sport, from the privileged access afforded me by media accreditation.  I wanted to find out the difficulties faced by amateur / enthusiast photographers who attend these sporting events.

There are times when a media pass is necessary and that is usually at the big events.  I’ve shot international rugby and there is no way you can take a camera into the stands and expect to come away with some good images.  You definitely need a media pass for games at this level.  However if you shoot at club level, I did a test run at North Berwick before my first international game at Murrayfield last year, you have much better access.  I think this applies to almost every sport.  Better shots can be taken without a press pass at lower level events because the access is better….

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