08 Jan 2016 – A Fujifilm Year in Thirty-Six Exposures

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Bless my cotton socks, it’s twenty-seventeen!

And it’s about time. Kicking off with the death of Bowie twenty-sixteen was one bad news story after another. In the closing weeks of last year I had to work through some pretty emotional issues that, left unwritten, would have latched on unbidden to my twenty-seventeen posts as a sort of sea-anchor; invisible beneath the surface yet dragging everything down, especially my upcoming Kentucky adventures. With those issues now dealt with in words and pictures I feel I can get on in this new year with a clean slate and with what’s important to my sanity and – hopefully – to the reader’s enjoyment. And that’s pure photography in inspiration, process and the final image.

And to be fair I felt fairly satisfied with the progression of my photography in twenty-sixteen. I still don’t think I’ve found anywhere near my true voice, photographically, but I have had the chance to throw myself into a plentiful and varied mixture of challenges that I feel have improved my technical ability and self-confidence. I’ve shot a bundle of weddings, worked an international dance festival held here in Cardiff and photographed a variety of projects involving the local arts scene. It’s been a little bit punishing at times, physically and mentally, but the experience has been invaluable and I’ve been really happy with the end results.

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