20 Mar 20 Days with GFX 50s

20 Days with GFX 50s

For my initial impressions click here, to download the example RAF files from my pictures click here.
I used almost all the features of the GFX 50s over the past 20 days. After a week of my first impressions, I took many more pictures. I tried night, day, portrait, scenery photos as well as studio. Many photographers wondering about this machine are, differences in different sensors and usage habits with different sensors. This curiosity is much more especially in people who have not used a medium format machine before. Those who have experienced the medium format in the past can predict what kind of result will be achieved.

The GFX 50s comes with a menu from other Fujifilm models. Simple to switch between menus and update settings. You can collect the most used menus in the title “My Menu”. So you do not go anywhere to change the parameters you use often. I have about 10 features added to this menu. But there is a problem like this;  If you make a setting and want to try and watch it again, it’s not where the last time you left it, it’s back to the main menu. This is also tiring. I think you will get better with an update….