11 Mar 2 Fujifilm Prime Lenses Only

Source: Sebastian Boatca

One of the most discussed subjects related to photographic gear is also one of the oldest and most ardent, ever: prime lenses, or zoom lenses? I did write my impressions on this subject before and as long as we are so different and our needs in photography are so unique and vast, there is no “right” or “wrong” with either fixed, or zoom lenses.  Since I made the switch from DSLR to Fujifilm, things got significantly easier (in terms of weight and size) and more delightful (in terms of usability, ergonomics and gear design) for me and for the way I approach photography.

XF 35mm F1.4 R

Since using Fujifilm cameras and lenses for some years, it became like second nature. The way those tools are designed fits more and more my changing and maturing process of making photography. They say as you grow older, times passes faster and this will forge some significant changes in the personal style. We have less and less time for photography, for connecting ourselves to the core of the important things we need to experience. As we go along in our photographic endeavours and we refine our style by acquiring more knowledge (including new and more detailed post-processing techniques, new softwares, new gear, etc.) we find out that there isn’t enough time for shooting; most of the time we could dedicate to photography is spent on post-processing, sorting, archiving, posting our best on social media networks and so on…