01 Jan 12 months : 12 images – A look back at 2016

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2016 was another amazing year for us here at MirrorLessons and here are just a few of the reasons!

we started up a third website called Mirrorless Comparison where we focus on comparisons between cameras and lenses we attended our second Photokina where we connected with many of our photography-loving friends, followers and colleagues and tried out loads of new gear we spent our second year living in Wales and managed to explore more of the country than ever before

The mirrorless front didn’t disappoint either, with all the most important brands announcing one or more new flagship cameras including the X-Pro2, X-T2 and GFX medium format mirrorless from Fujifilm, the OM-D E-M1 II from Olympus, the a6300 then a6500 from Sony and the GH5 from Panasonic. Now that the various brands are so invested in their respective mirrorless systems, there is no doubt 2017 will be another important year for this sector!

To wrap up the year, Mathieu and I have decided to share 12 of our best images from 2016. You will find one image from each month taken with the various mirrorless cameras we’ve tested.

Happy New Year and thank you as always for your ongoing support!

January A7r II, 1/250, f/8, ISO 200 – FE 55mm f1.8

Most of January was spent testing the Olympus 300mm Pro for sports and wildlife. But during a walk around the wonderful Mach Loop above the Tallylyn lake, we were greeted with this lovely view: the perfect example of why we love the light in Wales so

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