20 Jul 11 reasons why my pictures are better thanks to Fujifilm

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I will tell you a fairy-tale… once upon a time there was a boy (meaning me) who was secretly dreaming about being a photographer one day. He was enchanted by the black and white wartime photographs by James Nachtway, children from Zizkov by Dagmar Hochová and photographs of regular people by Jindřich Štreit. The dream was so big that he rather did not share it with anyone. He just secretly tackled it. And what followed?

Dreaming is cheap; transforming a dream into reality is priceless…

The most important was that the boy tackled it! The very last part was to take care of what to use and what to photograph. The boy was saving money for more than one year so that he would be able to buy for the money not spent for a sort of party animal life the best can(n)on available at that time and all sorts of the photographic “amenities”– in case they would be needed one day…. ” With the best (and the most expensive) equipment I can only struggle with my own limits”, he was appeasing himself at that time. Well, but how to take advantage of those limits?
He was not that fond of war since he was young and could not do anything, so he decided to photograph weddings – the same level of stress as on a battle field but (mostly) with alive people, as a bonus with cute babies and especially getting into the situations when those who are

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