29 Sep 10 Lighting Tips To Up Your Portrait Game

Source: Fujifilm Insider

It has been said many times that photography is about light, which is true but it is also about shape, shadow and creating story, drama and emotion. Getting to grips with how you can shape light and how your camera can control light, is one of the stepping stones to unlocking more of your skill as a photographer. Here are 10 tips on how to up your portrait game using lighting.

1. Keep your lights above the eye level and your camera lower

A golden rule for me is to keep my lights above my subject’s eye line and to have my camera just below this level. This will help empower your subject and give a strong composition. It is extremely rare that under-lighting a human face will give a nice or faltering image. If you are getting in tight for a portrait, using the rule of thirds to find your eye line is a great idea. For an image like this one of Jodi Lakin, the light is aimed directly down, equidistant between me and my subject, with a large soft diffusion panel to avoid any hotspots or highlights.…

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