18 Nov 10 camera bag essentials

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What do you keep in your camera bag beyond a camera and lenses? With numerous pockets, pouches and sleeves, camera kit bags are perfectly designed to carry the all gear you need regardless of the subject you’re shooting.

The accessories photographers carry in their bag will vary from photographer to photographer. Of course some items will be similar if not identical, and others will depend entirely on what types of subjects the photographer shoots, but below are some of the most useful (and sometimes forgotten) accessories every photographer should consider having in their bag.

1. Manfrotto Pixi


This tiny tripod can be a lifesaver when you need to position your camera and don’t have a standard tripod with you. It’s so small it may need to be positioned on a wall or table, but the built-in ballhead allows you to get your camera at just the right angle. Plus, it’s great for getting ground-level shots. The Pixi weighs just 190g so you don’t even notice you’re carrying it, and it offers a maximum payload of 1kg.

Giottos Rocket Air Blower


A simple cleaning item I always keep to hand is a Giottos Rocket blower for blowing dust and fluff away from the lens without making physical contact. It’s also useful for doing the same with filters that have picked up dust in transit. These really are the only uses we find for the Rocket Blower, but it weighs virtually nothing and takes up very little space in your bag…

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