17 Jul 1 to 1 shoot training in Bristol ~ pictures

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01. Claire was standing in open shade on a beautifully sunny day and I lit her with a Godox AD 200 flash. I rigged it high on a stand with and fitted a gridded 5″ reflector on the bare bulb head. I set 1/2000th second and f/2 using ISO 100 on my GFX50s camera with the 110mm lens. It’s great not having to use ND filters to get a narrow aperture look to my flash pictures. HSS with the Godox system is easy. I just select any shutter speed I like and the flash does what it needs to do automagically.

A 1 to 1 urban portrait session is one of my most popular training days. The difference with this one was we spent half a day on the streets of Bristol at the waterfront and half a day at my clients hotel shooting boudoir. These 1 to1 sessions not only take place in Bristol, near where I live, but wherever I am in the world at the time. My client for this shoot chose to drive from Norway through Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and England. That must have been quite an adventure in itself. We used natural light and flash to create this set of unique images of model and actor Claire Rammelkamp.


02. The jury (in my head) are still out on Fujifilm’s ‘Classic Chrome’ film simulation for portraits. Both of these shots were taken with the GF 110mm lens at f/2. And all the shots

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